Friday, November 2, 2012

FBI Refers me to Internal Affairs

I wrote back to FBI:

Also note I reported to Internal Affairs  many out dated NYPD parking placards only to have an IA NYPD officer admit IA months behind issuing current placards.

I think IA issued placards to all NYPD by march 2012.  I wrote about on my blog.
IA probably agrees with corrupt NYPD I deserve being assaulted.

and for even more information including a conversation with another Det at the first precinct read this...

ps  Nov 13 Dr Fagelman's receptionist Dee assault three times before I fight back and than breaks another law besides threatened me with bodily harm and assault, she filed a false counter complaint.

The Det used this false complaint to threatened me with a weekend in jail which he found humorous since I refused to drop the charges.  He yelled at me and told me too drop the charges.