Saturday, December 1, 2012

Internal Affairs Chief Campisi Re: Det Vergona and Me Being Assaulted

Chief Campisi: 

Investigators.  Find out if Vergona and fellow corrupt pals notified Delita Hooks to turn herself in Oct 20 since I agreed to. 

I believe the answer was no.  

I was menaced in Dr Fagelman's office by Delita Hooks, violently given the finger

I did nothing to deserve a running punch to my eye which caused bleeding in and around eye, she grabbed my hair pulling and pulling and kicked me to groin.   

She filed a false complaint and I agree to be falsely arrested and I believe she was never notified to turn herself in.  

Maybe Vergona was going to her notified after I spent a weekend in jail being punished for what by corrupt John Vergona. 

He has never even met me. He refused to meet me the first day he called me when I wanted to show him black eye and defensive marks on my left arm!

This was doctors offices and I did nothing to provoke this and no one from a medical staff has a right to hit a patient!!!!!!!!!

No one should hit anyone.  I was menaced in the office. When she violently gave me the finger and smiled I asked please give me the finger again and started filming to document menacing behavior. 

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