NYPD First Precinct Fixing Favors NYPD Crimes

Dr Andrew Fagelman got quite a favor for corrupt NYPD detectives and their supervisors willing to break laws but he can't stop the bad yelp reviews!


NYPD PO Magori or Migori you tell me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syrc3ncHFTI hear her lie to me and violate my constitutional rights with NYPD Sgt Chen backing her up and preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks False Cross complaint. Sgt Chen also refuses to come down and face me a violation of protocol.

First Yelp review 2009 describes Dr Andrew Fagelman's staff as bi polar but who knew they would commit a series of crimes and get corrupt NYPD at the First Precinct to join in the crimes committing even more crimes.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bloomberg Vetoes Set Up a Showdown Suzannah Troy suing NYPD IAB First Precinct Det Squad Det Vergona and Det Dwyer

Bloomberg Vetoes Set Up a Showdown Over NYPD vs Today Rally Steps of City Hall
* Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed two controversial bills yesterday, including one to create an NYPD inspector general, setting up an override battle in the New York City Council, The Wall Street Journal reports:http://on.wsj.com/15H5xg4 (Blurb from City and State)

From Suzannah B. Troy Artist:

A rally on the steps of City Hall today to protest Bloomberg's veto.
I was published in The Wall Street Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero" and in The New York Times give the NYPD and FDNY a raise.  I am now suing the NYPD pro se http://www.scribd.com/suzannah_troy/documents and posted on scribed as a political statement. 

http://youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE  Here is a clip of me being violently assaulted at Dr. Fagelman's office at 155 Spring st.  Apparently Dr Fagelman, Delita Hooks (receptionist office manager)  who threatened me with bodily harm and punched me and grabbed my hair, threw her shoes, kicked me and the NYPD all do not know it is against the law to punch a medical patient for some reason and my rights and body violated.   The NYPD met with my attacker but refused to meet with me to see the damage to my eye etc.

Interesting huh.

I made a video at 4:30 am addressing mayor Bloomberg and asking him for a comment as well as showing you all what post traumatic stress looks like 9 months and 23 days after I was violently assaulted and attribute to the PTS to Dr Fagelman who refused to fire Delita Hooks, Delita Hooks, the NYPD and IAB.

Video asking you to ask Bloomberg about this in link above...

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