Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NYPD First Precinct Det Squad Fixes Crime for NYC's Most Violent Medical Receptionist/Office Manger

Dr Fagelman shared the office with a Medical Doctor who vacated shortly after Delita Hooks aka "Delite" aka "Dee" punch a patient.    155 Spring St. 4th fllor....

That would be me.

The NYPD fixed this violent crime like they get viagra from Dr. Fagelman or something?

Only in NYC and in a Soho medical office does the receptionist/office manager get to punch a patient, another MD's patient after being verbally abusive, assault first with words, violate a patient's privacy and rights as they share an office with MD's and patients and not get fired or arrested.

Delita Hooks also filed a false cross complaint another serious crime and blamed her victim a patient, that would be me after coming out from behind a long counter to come after me.

Delita Hooks provoked me first to seek help from my MD who sadly was in with another patient already and than provoked me to start filming when she got between me and the door and violently gave me the finger.

Without surgery I would have gone blind from Delita Hooks running punch to me eye.

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